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Breeding Info 


 2022 Transported Semen

 . . . from   Mr Bo Button

 2022 Breeding Fee to "Mr Bo Button" is $850.

includes $350. non-refundable booking fee

[subtracted from the Breeding Fee]

* We honor Multiple Mare Discounts *

Breed 2 or more mares: Fee $750.for each mare 

First collection of semen is FREE.

* Semen shipping charges will always apply *

Additional collections of semen: $150. each

All fees must be PAID in FULL

before any semen is shipped.

Mr Bo Button has excellent semen and

transports extremely well !!

We ship enough semen to inseminate

your mare TWO times for that heat cycle.

**Breeding Contracts sent out upon request**

All foals are eligable for APHA BREEDERS TRUST


 Please let us know if we can help you in any way..

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