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 World Champion Producer !

 Mr Bo Button

 Mr Bo Button

 APHA Halter Color Class Winner 


 Dare to Dream...

He is a TRUE BLACK stallion  

  2009 APHA Black Tobiano Stallion  15.2h

        EVA: Neg      OWLS - HYPP - HERDA - GBED - PSSM1 - MH:  All Negative

                   TO/TO: Homozygous Tobiano   a/a: Homozygous Recessive

                         Homozygous Tobiano

           Produces 100% Paint Foals


 Yearling show photo


 Mr Bo Button

. . sire of





 Scroll down to see this amazing yearling stallion

 2018 World Champion Yearling Stallion

                         Mr Valentino



          APHA Black Tobiano Stallion

 Mr Bo Button  x  Magnificent Missy

 Unanimous under all 4 judges !!

  SOLD and Exported to 



 We couldn't be more thrilled for Roger and Desiree Meeks of Oklahoma on your 'World Championship" with Mr Valentino, what a         beautiful, amazing colt!  Our BIG Congratulations is to you both on all of your hard work and dedication with "Tino'....  


 Mr Bo Button

MK's Black Pepper


Miss Bonanza Zip


Midnite Cash


A Bit Of Annie


TD My Investment


Amigas Nina


Tru Bruiser


Sheza Lightskipper


 CR Black Buttons





A Bit of Cash





Sonnys Amigo Bar





Tru April

 The Cash Button










Sonnys Tru Amigo











 This is a 

very solid 


pedigree !

 True Non-Fading Black

   His Sire:                             His Dam:   

The Cash Button

 Sonnys Tru Amigo

 APHA Black Tobiano - 16.1 hands

Homozygous Tobiano

At the 2004 PtHA World Show, his get earned

Supreme World Champion, Champion of Champions, and World Champion gelding.

 Sire of APHA Open Halter Point Earners,

Performance Point Earners, & Reserve & Grand Champions at Halter

 Mr Bo Button 

   as a baby

 APHA Black Tobiano - Double Homozygous

Own daughter of "Sonnys Amigo Bar",

Two Time World Champion, 2002 Denver

National Livestock Show APHA Senior Heading Winner & 2nd in Senior Heeling, APHA events ROM in Heading earning 13pts, 5 Heeling, 3 Steer Stopping pts. and sire of numerous ROM's, World Champion in all events, sire of Performance & Halter Champions

 January 2016 - Winter

 Summer 2018

 2 year old

 Yearling.... he has stunning color!

 Yearling at the Paint show !


 Yearling... with his trainer Jean

 Yearling...standing so calm, waiting for his "color "class

 a gorgeous

baby from the day

he was born



We want to THANK YOU for taking the time to visit Mr Bo Button and our ranch.

We truly enjoy our breeding program and are so very proud of the QUALITY of our brood stock and the foals that we are producing.

 "Bo" is a remarkable sire and his foals are spectacular! 

 Even after he was born in 2009, there was a FULL BROTHER born in 2010.  

That colt was sold and exported to France, and has already earned the title of

France Halter Champion!!  So much of this line has been exported and very popular,

so we are more than fortunate to have "Bo".

Meadow Starr Ranch is proud to be able to continue the amazing legacy of

Mr Bo Buttons sire in the United States,

"in memory" of........... The Cash Button

 Mr Bo Button: APHA black "homozygous" Tobiano Stallion, a son of 

The Cash Button, is a Paint Horse Breeders DREAM ....

Looking back when I puchased him as a weanling, little did I know at that time that Mr Bo Button would grow up with such extreme BEAUTY that is so overwhelming, but he would go on and produce some GORGEOUS foals one after another. He sires some wonderful dispositions in his babies that we all love to work with and be around.  I've enjoyed the stories from clients who own his foals, as they seem to say over and over that his babies have these 'creative' and 'fun' personalities.

After raising his foals ourselves, it is clear to me that they love people and attention, and that they would just as soon hang around us 'humans' as they would their moms!

I now too have my own stories about the great things that they do as well, and I can tell you what joy they add to our lives.... every single day.  

 Mr Bo Button has been discovered

 "Bo" brings alot to the plate as a breeding sire, as his WORLD CLASS PEDIGREE is full of accomplished horses in so many events.  We continue to subscribe "Bo' every year into APHA BREEDERS TRUST for those of you who love to show.  Every year we will have some of his BLACK and WHITE  "Homozygous" foals offered for sale.  Our select mares are mostly black tobiano, but they are ALL 'homozygous', some are even "double homozygous'.  This ensures that our resulting foals meet all of our qualities that we strive to breed for.  We may have your next 'Show Stopper' foal !!

 World Class Extended Pedigree

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