Once in a lifetime, something great comes along that can change your life! 

 Magic Magnifique x  Trevs Onyx

 Homozygous Black - Sweepstakes Nominated

                        SCID~CA~LFS~OAAM1  all Clear

     2 days old

 Photo credit to

Kevin Mansfield 

and handler Bill Chaney

of Birch Park Arabians

  Notorious BP ...  48 hours old

  Here is another stunning photo of Notorious BP... taken by Kevin Mansfield of Birch Park Black Arabians

Photo at 2 weeks old

 Reference sire.... owned by Sweden Arabian Stud 

 Notorious BP

 Magic Magnifique  (k)








Trevs Onyx  (k)

 True Colours




Magic Mon Amour




PFC Trevallon  (k)




CG Kalani  (k)

Thee Desperado+




Windsprees Mirage (k)


Al Amrya


Magnum Psyche




Ravvens Jafar  (k)


Gay La Femme  (k)



 Notorious BP. . . Extended Pedigree   

The Minstril

AK Amiri Asmarr



Thee Desperado+

GL Lady Mirage

BJ Thee Mustafa


Padrons Psyche

A Fancy Miracle


Jul Pasha

Ravven  (k)

BA Duet 

Gayronek  (k)

My Fem Fareera  (k)

*  Gold Champion Colt Travagliato B show Italy 2010

*  Gold Champion Colt Porto SantElpidio B show Italy 2010

*  Gold Champion Colt Italian Nationals 2010

*  Gold Champion Colt Giardini Naxos Italy 2011

*  Class winner All Nationas Cup Aachen 2010

*  Bronze Champion Colt Norwaigian International B show 2012

*  Best Head Colts 3 place World Championship Paris

*  Gold Champion Egyptian Heritage Stallion Breeder Finals Scottsdale USA 2014

 Show Record Accomplishments

 Magic Magnifique

 Photo at 9 weeks old

Here is more about this spectacular bloodline.....

 Trevs Onyx  

 Reference Dam . . . owned by Birch Park Black Arabians

Notorious is the only  BLACK son by

Magic Magnifique standing in the United States 

 True Colours

 Sire of "Magic Magnifique"

 Grandsire of "Notorious Bp"

Royal Colours   - Double World Champion

 True Colours is also the sire of "Royal Colours"

2001 Salon Du Cheval World Champion Most Classic Head

2001 Salon Du Cheval Top Five Elite Senior Stallions

2000 Region 18 Champion Stallion

2003 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallions of 1996 and 1997

2001 U.S. Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion

2001 U.S. Egyptian Event Reserve Senior Champion Stallion

2001 U.S. Egyptian Event Champion World Class Stallions of 1997



 Reference stallion

 Magic Mon Amour

 Reference dam

 Dam of "Magic Magnifique"

Granddam of "Notorious Bp"

      Standing in Dubai Stud.    She is known World Wide for her stunning beauty!!

 Reference Stallion

PFC Trevallon

         Sire of "Trevs Onyx"

Grand Sire of "Notorious Bp"

He is now in UAE

   Owned by the 

   Ruler of Dubai.

 Thee Desperado+

 Reference Stallion

1994 US Reserve National Champion Stallion

1994 Scottsdale Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion

1994 Region 9 Grand Champion Stallion 21

1993 US and Canadian Top Ten Open Stallions

1992 Egyptian Event, Jr. Champion Colt


 ​Deceased July 26, 2013

 Straight  Egyptian

 Great Grand Sire and also Great Great Grandsire

                      of "Notorious Bp'

 Reference Stallion 

 Magnum Psyche

                       Great Grand Sire of "Notorious Bp"


1996 Buckeye Junior Champion Colt

Region 4 Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt

U.S. National Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yrl. Colt

1998 United States National Champion Stallion

1998 Unanimous Canadian National Champion Stallion

1998 Ohio Buckeye Champion Stallion

1999Argentina National Champion Stallion

2004 United States National Champion Senior Stallion

 Reference Stallion

 Padrons Psyche

 Great Great Grand Sire of "Notorious Bp"

 1991 U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion

              Regional Wins in Halter


 The Minstril

1993 U.S. National Top Ten Stallion

1993 Canadian National Top Ten Stallion

Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion

1987 U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt

Sire of the World-renown Champion Thee Desperado


 The "greatness" of a stallion lies in the bloodline.  

  It is clear... Notorious Bp isn't here by accident,

 he is here to continue on some of the greatest bloodlines there have been.  He too will start his own legacy.  

 Great Great Grandsire of "Notorious Bp"





 by Magnum Psyche



Sire of Multi-Champions

all around the world . . .



 by The Minstril 

 by Padrons Psyche

 by Padron

 by Thee Desperado

 Magic Magnifique

Introducing.....    Bellarina


 Photo by Kevin Mansfield

       Birch Park Arabians

Here is his VERY FIRST foal ever!!!

 Bellarina was foaled and arrived to us on May 29th, 2019....  I can say she is a very special filly and we are more than 

blessed to have her in our lives.  She is extremely beautiful with a BIG personalily, smart, as she resembles her remarkable sire Notorious and her dam Perris Bp, an exquisite black daughter of Ferric Bp {exported to France}.  Bellarina is a solid black filly with just a tiny star, leggy and very correct in conformation.  Her face and neck will catpure your attention immediately!

 Nororious Bp  x  Perris Bp

 2020 Breeding Fee:

"Excllent Transported Fresh Cooled Semen only"

Purebred Arabian Mares:  $1500

All other mares:  $1000.


Email:  kwinnop@hotmail.com 

cell:  509-675-1223

 24 days

 3 days old

 3 days 

 11 days old

 17 days

 17 days

                           2019 AHR Bay filly

Notorious Bp  x  HA Spartan Royale (chestnut)



 Sired by     Notorious Bp!!                                                                 Bai Elegance

 1 month old

Congratulations to Jim and Louise H. of Ohio on the arrival 

not just one Notorious foal, they have TWO!  

Plus, there is yet another black Notorious foal arriving in 2020


 Early spring 2020

 Still in Winter coat

                                                         2020  Bay Filly

Notorious Bp  x  Cocoa Jamila [Al Baraki, by Thee Desperado+

        This amazing filly has 4 Crosses to Thee Desperado

 Owned and bred by Meadow Starr Ranch.  This is a very TALL filly as her dam is a solid  16 hands!  I have never seen such a foal FLOAT across

the ground as she moves.  Loads of prescence, very animated!!

 More    Photo of    .... Notorious



 Welcom our newest arrival !!  Introducing 'Malkia", our 2020 Black Homozygous filly sired by Notorious Bp !!  This beauty of a black filly has me in ahhh of her beauty.  Very exquisite, amazing neck, stunning FACE and just literally gorgeous.  She takes my breath away !!!

 Notorious Bp  x  Perris Bp       Foaled June 4, 2020