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 ms TriZeah

 HAHR Bay Pinto filly

  ~ SOLD to Canada ~

           River Chief

my senior Pinto   Stallion

          Dam:  River Splash

my River Chief granddaughter

 Sire:  Triton PB ~ AHR Black Arabian [Slovakia], son of PFC Travellon [UAE]

   Dam:  River Splash  ~ HAHR Bay Pinto, sired by River Chief  [photo below]

 ms TrizZeah is the only pinto by Triton PB

        of Slovakia in the United States !!

       Just Plain Fancy   

APHA Dark Bay "Homozygous" filly


 In Memory....

 ...gone way too early


 photo at only 16 days old... amazing filly

 Reference Dam:  Starla Dee Bar


 APHA Bay "Double Homozygous" Tobiano colt


Sire:  Ima Hundred Proof      APHA Black "World Champion"

Dam:  Starla Dee Bar             APHA Bay Tobiano

 Cocoa, his sire and his dam...

     ....are all BIG bodied horses !

 Callie Jo

                              APHA Black Tobiano filly

Sire:  Ima Hundred Proof ~ APHA Black Tobiano "Homozygous" ~ World Champion

Dam:  Starla Dee Bar ~ APHA Bay Tobiano ~ see reference mare in photos above

~ SOLD ~

 ~ SOLD ~

 This mare was overwhelming in size !!!!

  Lil Miss Amigo Bar

 Sire:  Amigo Bars Supestar  APHA Black Tobiano ~ Homozygous

 Dam:  Hanks Dynasty   APHA Black Tobiano ~ Homozygous

                                    ....dam of "Royal Dreamwalker"

               APHA Black Tobiano

Homozygous Tobiano ~ Homozygous Black

 Weanling photos...  wild color!!

 ~ SOLD ~


 APHA Sorrel Tobiano colt

Sired by "The Cash Button"

Dam:  Prettyfancypepper

 He had one of the best dispositions in the world!!

 ~ SOLD ~

 ms River Bella Bey

 HAHR Dark Bay Pinto Arabian ~ Homozygous Black

 Sire:  NV Beau Bey ~ AHR Black, Homozygous Black

 Dam:  River Splash ~ HAHR Bay Pinto Arabian

 Sweepstakes Nominated

 ~ SOLD ~

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