Black Arabians

 Homozygous Black


        2017 Black Arabian Colt

          Foaled:  July 6, 2017

       Sweepstaked Nominated

    CA  SCID clear by parentage

     Very exquisite colt with loads

         of type and elegance.

        Wonderful disposition


 Dam ...  ms Ferrah

 Sire: ...   Bellagio RCA

 Straight Egyptian

Baby has arrived !

Photo credit to Kevin Mansfield

of Birch Park Black Arabians


 9 weeks

 1 week

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The Elixir


The Prevue


Thee Desperado


Aliashahm RA




Trevs Onyx


Hu Sheikh Imaan


De Zaharas Foxy






Rhapsody In Black






 Ferric Bp




AZ Princess Imaana

Bellagio RCA








ms Ferrah



Hi-Fashion Mreekh


The Minstril

Maali RCA

The Minstril

Ak Amiri Asmarr

Ruminaja Ali

Glorieta Zaarina


Regal Fada Jp

PFC Trevallon 

CG Kalani


Niema Nile

Blacklord Baskhot

Blacklady Zahara

Ruminaja Ali




Ruminaja Ali

Ruminaja Ali

 Here is our New Black Arabian Stallion....

                                    "Notorious Bp" !!!


Notorious Bp was foaled in 2016 and is the ONLY BLACK Arabian son of

"Magic Magnifique" currently standing in the United States.  Please visit "Notorious" on his own page of our website... just click onto 'Black Arabian Stallion" and see the stunning photos of Notorious, his sire and dam, as well as all the amazing worldly horses behind him along with a full extended pedigree.  This one is worth taking a peek at !!  His first foals arrive in 2019 !!! 


  17 months

 Notrorious BP

 Photo credit to Kevin Mansfield

        of Birch Park Arabians

 2 weeks

The Minstril

AK Amiri Asmarr


Nahed Grsb

Thee Desperado+

GL Lady Mirage

BJ Thee Mustafa


Padrons Psyche

A Fancy Miracle


Jul Pasha

Ravven (K)

BA Duet

Gayronek++ (K)

My Fem Fareera (K)

Thee Desperado+




Windsprees Mirage (K)


Al Amrya


Magnum Psyche




Ravvens Jafar (K)


Gay La Femme (K)



True Colours




Magic Mon Amour




PFC Trevallon  (K)




CG Kalani  (K)

 Magic Magnifique  (K)








Trevs Onyx  (K)  

 Notorious BP

 Az Princess Imaana

 2009  HOMOZYGOUS  BLACK Mare    CA - SCID clear 

 Hu Sheikh Imaan  x  DE Zaharas Foxy

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Raadin Royal Star

Simeon Safanad

*Ansata Ibn Halima++

*Bint Nefissa


*Bint Maisa El Saghira++

El Hilah


Sams Ferrari




Princeton Farris (K)

SG Adhanna (K)

Vali-Hi-Garibaldi (K)

Blacklady Nazeera (K)

Simeon Shai+




Shaikh Al Abdi


Bint Niema


SF First Edition (K)


Rob Robin 


Blacklord Arabi (K)


Blacklady Nazahra (K)

 Imaann (K)




Niema Nile




Blacklord Baskhot (K)




Blacklady Zahara (K)

 HU Sheikh Imaan (K)








DE Zaharas Foxy (K)

 AZ Princess


 Princess Imaana is currently left open in 2017 and will be bred to our gorgeous black Arabian stallion "Nororious Bp" in 2018.  Unbelievalbe cross !!!!!

 ms Ferrah

 2013  HOMOZYGOUS BLACK Mare -  CA- SCID clear

 Ferric Bp  x  AZ Princess Imaana

           In 2018, "ms Ferrah" will be bred to our amazing black Arabian son of Magic Magnifique...'Notorious BP' !!  

       We expect this cross to be out of this world and will produce a BLACK 'homozygous black' Arabian foal.   

 Baby photo


Regal Fada JP 

PFC Trevallon  (K) 

CG Kalani  (K)

Imaann  (K)

Niema Nile

Blacklord Baskhot  (K)

Blacklady Zahara  (K)

 Ferrer  (K)


Trevs Onyx  (K)


HU Sheikh Imaan  (K)


DE Zaharas Foxy  (K)

 ms Ferrah

 Ferric BP  (K)




AZ Princess Imaana  (K) 

 Photo credit to Kevin Mansfield

        of Birch Park Arabians

 (K) = BLACK

 Reference sire:  Ferric BP

 Cocoa Jamila   

 2001  HOMOZYGOUS BLACK mare      CA-SCID-LFS clear


 Al Baraki  x  Bint Shahsria

 16 hands of 

Bold dynamic Beauty!

Ruminaja Ali




Shaikh Al Badi

Bint Magidaa


Ansata Judea

Shaikh Al Badi

Bind Magidaa

Ibn Galali


*Ibn Moniet El Nefous

Dahmah Shahwaniah

Serenity Osiris

Serenity Bt Sagda

The Minstril


AK AMiri Asmarr


Ruminaja Ali


Ansata Justina


Ruminaja Ali




Ak Shah Moniet



Thee Desperado








The Minstril





Al Baraki  








Bint Shahsria

 Cocoa Jamila

 Straight Egyptian

       16 hands

 16 hands

 UPDATE NEWS !!   Cocoa Jamila will be bred to a beautiful Black Arabian

stallion "HF Creed" in 2019, sired by "Ferric BP".  This will be 

a remarkable cross for sure and very excited for this to happen!!  


 Reference sire:



 ms Ferresia

 2016  HOMOZYGOUS BLACK  filly      CA - SCID clear

 Ferric Bp  x  AZ Princess Imaana

 Perris Bp

2013 HOMOZYGOUS  Black Mare    15.1 hands   CA/SCID Clear



 In FOAL due May 2019 !!

 Her foal due in May is sired by our stunning Black Arabian stallion

                          NOTORIOUS BP!  This cross will literally be amazing!!!

 This mare is literally GORGEOUS !!  She is so exquisite in every way and her face is spectacular.  This is an amazing mare.